Need a loan? Have someone willing to guarantee that you’ll pay us back?

If they are willing to trust that you’ll pay back your loan then we will too.

  • You can borrow up to £5000
  • The application process is quick and simple

At District Loans we offer guarantor loans. Guarantor loans are an excellent alternative to irresponsible payday lenders and profit hungry credit cards.

We can offer loans with low rates in comparison to payday lenders because your loans a guaranteed! It’s simple. We can treat it almost like a secure loan because whatever happens your loan will be repaid.

If you’ve got bad credit, you’ve been recently refused credit or have been bankrupt, you’re eligible for our loans—as long as your guarantor does have an average credit score or better.

In 90% of cases the money will be in your account within just over an hour! We use faster bank transfers to ensure that it’ll leave our account within an hour and be in yours within two! Most customers do receive this money instantaneously.

  • You apply online
  • You give us detailed information about a guarantor—you must always ask your guarantor for permission prior to applying.
  • We will contact you and your guarantor for a bit more information
  • You get your money and pay us back in agreed monthly instalments!

As you can see above, it’s a simple and streamlined as it possibly could be. Because personal circumstances are important to us, a human being always reviews your application! There is no automated yes or no used by the majority of payday lenders or high street banks. We know that every person has personal circumstances and these can affect us all negatively. Your credit history isn’t the whole story of who you are, and District Loans believe that.

Because all of our decisions are made by human beings, you will have to be available after you have applied for a detailed chat about your situation, your future and your guarantor, your guarantor will also have to be available: but you can let us know when they’re available as we’ll always call you first.

Guarantor loans depend on your good relationship with your guarantor. Your guarantor must be aware that entering into an agreement as a guarantor is binding. No matter if you fall out, break up or move thousands of miles apart from each other: the guarantor is responsible if things go wrong.

Our company is built on empathy. We understand the circumstances changes, and they change pretty regularly. We make sure to be as flexible as we can be: Including the fact that we can change the day on which you pay each month if this is necessary.

Whenever circumstances change you must contact first your guarantor, and then us. We do not charge late payment fees, having designed our company to be as flexible as possible we realise that everyone can be a little late sometimes.

Collecting money from your guarantor is always treated as the ultimate last resort. This is why we always ask you to call your guarantor before contacting us.

Your guarantor must have:

  • No County Council Judgements imposed upon them by a County Court.
  • Not declared bankruptcy within the last ten years.
  • A salary of more than £18,000 per annum and this must be paid at least in monthly instalments of £1000 per calendar month. This total cannot include bonuses or performance related earnings.
  • Permission to work in the United Kingdom.
  • A good or average credit score.
  • Willingness to be a guarantor and an understanding of exactly what this implies.

The majority of our clients will receive the money within an hour! However this depends on you and your guarantor. It will take us between half an hour and forty minutes to contact you. Make sure you’re free to accept our phone call, and tell your guarantor to hang by the phone too.

If you don’t answer the phone we will not contact you until the following day.

We believe that computer generated credit scores are fine—they give us a rough picture of your financial history.

What we believe however is that they don’t give us the whole picture. They do not inform us of your personal circumstances, they do not inform us of your future plans, they only inform us of how you managed your financial history in the past and we believe that people change, regularly.

We think of payday lenders with disdain. We abhor prohibitive charges and fees. Unlike payday lenders or even popular high street banks, we just don’t charge them. But if you need alternatives to guarantor loans, you can find some of the best rates at CompareLoanExpertsCompareLoanExperts.

  • That’s no late fees
  • No hidden charges
  • No debt collectors
  • No court proceedings

People are people, not a piece of paper with a financial history. Here at District Loans each and every customer is a person, a human being who has a unique personal history. Ideal customers exist only in the heads of rich bankers.

District Loans is the guarantor loan provider that’s not just a last resort for people with bad credit, but also an alternative solution for anyone looking for quality financing.